Spyderco Shaman custom scales v.5

by suingab posted December 11, 2018 category Contoured, Custom scales, Micarta, Shaman, Spyderco

Black Canvas Micarta

23 Responses to Spyderco Shaman custom scales v.5

  1. Can I get these for the Paramilitary 2?

  2. How much would these scales cost?

  3. Wanting to do something in OD GREEN for the shaman with maybe the flag on it. What kind of options do you have for something like that and costs? Thanks for the time

  4. I would like to purchase these exact scales.

  5. I would like a quote for a set of these and a micarta set for the stretch

  6. How much are these scales and other micarta Shaman scales?

  7. I’d like a quote for these, please..

    Thank you!

  8. Hello,How much for these exact scales and how long does it take to receive

  9. Greetings, I would like to have a quote on these scales. Also I was wondering if you could make these scales in a British Racing Green color, and what they would cost. Thank you in advance.

  10. I would like these scales in OD Green or natural canvas , how much are they and how do I order ?

  11. How much do these cost?

  12. Andrej, I’m looking for a set of scales for my new Shaman.
    Let’s talk.

  13. Hi i m looping for a set of scales in od green micarta tot my shama. Can you give me a price.
    Cheers Edward

  14. Can I get some black canvas Micarta for the pm2?

  15. Hey I’m interested in these black micarta scales for the shaman. Could you let me know the price when you can?

  16. How much for this set of black canvas micarta scales cut for tip up left and right carry on my Shaman? Also, how much for a set of the same material built up a 32nd of an inch per side that works with existing hardware? Also, :), how much for stock size set for Benchmade 580 Barrage?

  17. Love the Shaman scales in black Canvas Micarta. How much for a set of these with no clip fittings, as shown on the site, please? Also how much to post to uk?
    Many thanks

  18. How much for the black micarta Shaman scales? Thanks

  19. How much for a set of these scales? Thanks.

  20. Please email me back with prices because I would like to purchase these.

  21. I’m very interested in these. How can I get a set?

  22. Can you do the contouring and the same Micarta color as these for the Spyderco Para 3? How much would they cost if so? Thank you

  23. Would like to purchase the shaman v.5, what is the process?


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