Spyderco Shaman custom CF scales v.4

by suingab posted December 10, 2018 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Shaman, Spyderco

Shred Carbon Fiber

28 Responses to Spyderco Shaman custom CF scales v.4

  1. Very interested in a set for Shaman, please let me know.

  2. interested in price for 2 pair of Shaman lightning carbon fiber scales

  3. I am interested in receiving a quote for a pair of these scales. They are beautiful and would compliment my DLC model.

  4. Looking for info on the shred carbon fiber scales for the Spyderco Shaman! Shipped to California. ..thank you.

  5. Hi, do you still sell these? I may be getting a Shaman for graduation and would absolutely love to put these on it. I am interested in a quote

  6. Hello intrested in the shred cf scales for the shaman how much and how long are they made to order ?

  7. Hello looking for some info for these thanks

  8. Interested in a set of shaman scales in marbled carbon fiber please! Thank you!

  9. Very interested in purchasing a set.

  10. Greetings from Canada. I’m very interested in these scales. Please let me know more info.

  11. How much do these cost?

  12. Hi. Please send me a price and availability for these. Thank you.

  13. Awesome. More info please. Also, shipping to the UK?

  14. Hi super interested in possibly purchasing a set of these shaman scales pls get back to me.

  15. Love these scales. Are they available to purchase

  16. How much for these to Colorado

  17. How much for a set of these?

  18. How much and when can I order a set?

  19. I’m very interested in a set of these! I’d love to know more about them. Please let me know

  20. I’d be very interested in something like this with lanyard hole deleted and the ability to accept lynch deep carry clips that many other spydercos have. Could you provide a quote?

  21. I would like a set for my delica4.

  22. I’d love these scales for my Shaman.

  23. Are these available? If so, what is the price?

  24. Are there any available scales?

  25. Is there any way to get notified when these are available for purchase?

  26. Hello, what’s the price and availability on these shaman cf scales?

  27. How do you buy them??

  28. I am interested in a pair of Spyderco Shaman custom CF scales v.4

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