ZT 0550 custom TeroTuff scale (v.42)

by suingab posted August 26, 2014 category Custom scales, Sculpted, Tero-tuff, Zero Tolerance, ZT0550

Custom TeroTuff scale for ZT 0550






5 Responses to ZT 0550 custom TeroTuff scale (v.42)

  1. How do i go about buying the zt 0550 Tero-tuff custom scale? I contacted you through ebay yesterday about doing a US Marines scale, thanks for immediate response, the tero tuff scale pics above will do. Let me know how much and how to purchase, thank you…..big fan of your work, j see your stuff all over the place (ebay, forums, etc.) Amazing craftsmanship!

  2. How much will it be if I want scales for spyderco endora 4 in this style?

  3. How much for a set EXACTLY like the Tero-Tuff pictured for a ZT0200?

  4. Coukd your please email me pricing and instructions for placing an order for this scale?

  5. Are there other colors of tero tuff available and can they be made for a spyderco military? Thank you so much for your time~

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