Spyderco UK Pen custom G10 scales (v.2)

by suingab posted August 23, 2014 category Color graphic, Custom scales, G10, Spyderco, UKPK

Black G10 scales for Spyderco UK Pen C94






9 Responses to Spyderco UK Pen custom G10 scales (v.2)

  1. Can u do these for an endura 4 and what would the cost be? Also do they come with a back spacer and if not what would a back spacer cost on top of scales?

  2. Can you do them for a Spyderco Matriarch 2 or/and a Victorinox Soldier 08? if yes, please send me price details for them. Also please let me know if it would be possible to have the scales for the Soldier 08 with a glow punisher skull.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi are these for the ukpk latest model if so how much to uk

  4. How much will be a pair of them without the inlay to germany? Thx! F

  5. How much would it be for the scales and postage to the UK? Cheers

  6. How much will be a pair and the postage to Germany.

  7. Hi
    Great work
    Are the scales available?

  8. Hi,
    Fantastic scales!

    If available I would like to order these scales.


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