ESEE Zancudo custom scale (v.4.2)

by suingab posted October 15, 2020 category Custom scales, ESEE, Micarta, Plain, Zancudo

Moss green canvas micarta

7 Responses to ESEE Zancudo custom scale (v.4.2)

  1. I got the scale for my Zancudo today. It fits perfect and looks great! Thanks a lot! I’ll be ordering some more of your stuff for my Spyderco Shaman. Here’s a pic of my Zancudo with your moss green micarta

  2. Hello. I am interested in ordering these, can you please tell if there are available and if there are other color options? Thank you.

  3. I’d like to get a canvas micarta scale, look perfect!

  4. Hello, how can I get one of these beautiful scale ?
    Thanks a lot

  5. how can I by these scales?

  6. Bonjour

    Combien coûtent ces plaquettes ?

    Expedition en France


  7. Good afternoon,

    I am located in the Netherlands and i want to know what the price is for the scales of the esee zancudo.
    Thank you.

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