Spyderco Shaman custom scales v.8

by suingab posted February 7, 2020 category Contoured, Custom scales, Micarta, Shaman, Spyderco

Python Canvas Micarta

9 Responses to Spyderco Shaman custom scales v.8

  1. How much for the scales and do you want money through PayPal?

  2. Are these available?

  3. Need 2 pairs for Spyderco Shaman. Please advise re: cost, lead time and payment method.

  4. Could I receive a quote please?

  5. Nice Work!
    Please contact me with cost and lead time for Spyderco Shaman Natural Brown Canvas Micarta scales. Thank you.

  6. Can i get a quote on these Python Canvas Micarta scales With Time Estimate

  7. Hi
    These are awesome, could I please get a quote on a set of them?
    Thank you.

  8. Can you make this same pattern and material for a Spyderco Para 3? Quote in US dollars? thanks

  9. Interested in the Python Canvas Micarta scales for a Paramilitary 2 or Para3. Is that an option? Please send a quote, payment method, and timing. Thank you!

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