ZT 0566 custom micarta scale (v.2.3)

by suingab posted December 2, 2019 category Custom scales, Micarta, Sculpted, Zero Tolerance, ZT0566

OD Green Micarta

16 Responses to ZT 0566 custom micarta scale (v.2.3)

  1. Is there any way you could make a set like this for a Benchmade 808 Loco? Kind of an obscure blade, i cant find scales for it anywhere

  2. How much shipped to US postal code 91730?

  3. I would like to purchase this scale

  4. Price, how to order?

  5. Can you make scales like this for Benchmade Crooked River – full size?

  6. How much shipped to 92646

  7. Hello I would like to purchase and ship to 92663. Is this available? Thank you!

  8. Very interested do you ship to Canada

  9. Hi interested with this. How much for a hinderer xm-18 3.5”? Thanks!

  10. Are these still available for the 0566? If so I’m interested!

  11. I am very interested in this knife scale. Please let me know how to order and what your current lead time is. Thanks,

  12. Can I get Brown Micarta or Natural Micarta

  13. I would like to purchase this scale. Please reply if this is available for the 0566.

  14. Can you make this in a PM3 dark blue?

  15. Just received this scale for my 0566 and love it. I had a CF scale on it before and it was slippery and jus looked like plastic. This has great grip and a much more robust feel. I found it absords oil and I aged it up a little by putting g a few small drop of oil on my finger, then wiped it off and into my skin, then rubbed the ridges to darken it up. I like the more used look it gave it.

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