Spyderco Native 5 custom scales (v.10)

by suingab posted November 12, 2019 category Contoured, Custom scales, Native 5, Spyderco, Wood

Caucasian Walnut

18 Responses to Spyderco Native 5 custom scales (v.10)

  1. HI, I’m very interested in buying a set of these gorgeous scales. Please let me know the price and how to place an order. I’m in Canada but if you only ship to US you can send to my uncles address. thanks

  2. How much for this set of scales?

  3. Beautiful work! What is your fee for a similar customization for a Spyderco Native?

  4. Very impressive! Love the walnut. You brought out an attractive color which I believe compliments the knife tremendously. Good work.

  5. Are these scales still available? What would be the charge?

  6. I want these!

  7. Hey brother your working on a set of scales for a para 3 inn interested in a set of these for a native 5 can you hook me up with a set of these also

  8. Are these available, if so what is the cost for the UK please?

  9. Hello, I am very interested in these scales.
    Does it include bolts?
    What is the price? Send to Chile?
    Thank you!

  10. what’s the price on these scales mate

  11. Very keen for some wood scales for a native 5

  12. Please quote and let me know if you provide the hardware that differs from the factory hardware.

    Thank you.

  13. all your scales are great, but these are truly stunning. do you make scales for the lil native?

  14. These Caucasian Walnut scales are stunning!!
    Would you make them for a Shaman or a Native Chief? If so I’ll take them both.

  15. What is the price of the Spyderco Native 5 wood scales?

  16. Very interested in these scales too! Please email me when free. Thanks

  17. Would love a set of these scales! Please email me at your earliest convenience.

  18. Hello,
    Are these scales still available?
    If so, can you kindly provide a price?
    Shipping costs to Canada?
    Thank you,

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