Spyderco Smock custom scales (v.2)

by suingab posted September 3, 2019 category Custom scales, Micarta, Sculpted, Smock, Spyderco

OD green canvas micarta

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  1. How can I order these?

  2. How much does this scale cost?

  3. Looking for Smock scales. What is the cost for the micarta scales? Are there plans for a G10 option? Thanks for your response in advance.

  4. looking for Smock scales with color and material options and cost for each. Also what is the turn around time from order to shipping?

  5. Do you do plain smooth green canvas micarta for the smock? If so how much?

  6. Hi I would like to purchase these scales for the Spyderco smock.

  7. I would like to get a set of these (Spyderco Smock) in black. How much do they cost and what is the turn around time?

  8. I would like to know the cost and turn around time on the green micarta scales for the smock please.

  9. Hello. Interested in these green micarta scales for the Smock could you please respond with specifics regarding costs and turn time? Thank you. Larry.

  10. How much

  11. How much?
    How to order?
    How long does it take?

  12. Great looking work on the scales. (Smock) What is your ordering price.

  13. Id like a price on these. They’re beautiful.

  14. Looking for a set of micarta scales for my smock. This color green or darker would be great. Could you please let me know about prices and color options. Im located in Ontario Canada.

  15. I would like to order a set of these scales please

  16. I would like to purchase these scales

  17. Hello im looking to purchase scales similar to these, darker micarta if possible. List of color options for micarta would be great.

  18. I would like to get a set of these scales. Can I have more information please?

  19. I’m on the list for the wood ones. I might as well get on this list too. Is there just one color and what is the price? Thanks

  20. Would like to purchase a pair of these scales once available. How much do these run??

  21. How much do these scales cost and what is the turn around time?

  22. I would like to order these scales. Please let me know how much they are and lead time. Thanks

  23. Hi i would like to purchase similar scales for the smock or PM2, if not available id like to know when they will/could be. Thank you

  24. I am interested in buying these scales for my smock.

  25. Very interested in purchasing a set of these!

  26. Also interested in a set of these scales.

  27. Do your Spyderco Smock Ver.2 scales come on in black? and would like to know cost. Thanks

  28. Interested in scales for the Smock. Please email me with all colors/styles available and prices. Thank you.

  29. Interested in purchasing these scales for spyderco smock.

  30. Hi, I’m interested in getting a set of these scales in orange G10. What would the cost of these be? Thanks.

  31. love the smock scales… what’s the price?

  32. I’d like a set of these but have a left hand carry option as well as the right carry option. Black, copper or carbon fiber preferred. Let me know 🙂

  33. hi
    very interested
    price shipped to sweden?

  34. I would love a set of these scales, if you are still making them. Please let me know.

  35. Please contact me in regards to placing an order. I don’t see how to do that.

  36. Looking for estimate on these.

  37. Sweet scales. how much and whats the lead time? do you have a website? Are there other colors as well?

  38. Hello,

    Looking for an estimate on these scales?


  39. Good afternoon. Like this scales. Color is ok for me. Let me know the purchase price and time. Does the engraving of couple of letters avialable?

  40. Hello, interested in purchasing these exact pictured scales for the Spyderco Smock Custom Scale (V.2) attached to this comment block. I have attached the required information. Looking forward to your reply on availability, ordering procedures and method of payment. Thanks

  41. Are these scales still available? Thank you

  42. Would like a set if they’re still available.

  43. These are sick. What’s the price?

  44. Are these available? I’m interested in the canvas micarta od green, brown, tan doesn’t really matter. I just need them please oh please 🙏

  45. I’m looking for spyderco smock scales that are in picture above. OD green canvas marcarta. If in stock and how much??

  46. Hi I would like to know the same as everyone else did how much are the V2 smock scales grooved micarta ones?

  47. How much are these V2 smock scales grooved micarta? These look sweet.

  48. Hello I want to order a set of scales for the smock.

  49. How much are these beautiful scales and how long is the wait and also the price of these for a PM2? Thanks

  50. I would like to order these scales for my Smock!

  51. how can I order these, and how much are they?

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