Spyderco Smock custom scales (v.1)

by suingab posted September 2, 2019 category Custom scales, Sculpted, Smock, Spyderco, Wood

Desert Ironwood

5 Responses to Spyderco Smock custom scales (v.1)

  1. spyderco smock truly beautiful scales in the ironwood, I would like to buy a set . I am still waiting for the next production run. what is the price? is there a long wait time? great idea well made,

  2. thanks for getting back to me so fast. how do I order. do you want all the money up front in advance? each desert ironwood scale is unique, do I get an eyeball look at the wood grain design. ok now I suppose I am sounding too picky, just wondering.

  3. alrighty then since it takes several months I would like to order the desert ironwood scales for the spyderco smock. I am 76 years old so no reason to wait. glad I get to see possible choices, really great. sincerely Bruce

  4. brother Suingab I was wondering how much weight your desert ironwood scales weigh? Spyderco smock . I’m hoping they don’t weigh more than 1.5 ounces.??

  5. Hey, what are these going for and how would I order some?


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