Hinderer XM-18 3″ custom scale (v.5)

by suingab posted September 2, 2019 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Hinderer, XM-18 3

Snakeskin Carbon Fiber

12 Responses to Hinderer XM-18 3″ custom scale (v.5)

  1. How much would this scale be for a Rick hindered xm-18 3.5 and if so can you make it look kinda like rattle snake skin

  2. Hello! Is this scale available for purchase? For an XM-18 3.0 Hinderer.
    Also, do you have any sculpted G10 scales currently available also for a 3.0?

  3. Interested in these snakeskin CF scales for Spyderco Ikuchi

  4. Hi, I am considering getting an XM-18 relatively soon. I would like a marbled carbon scale for it if I do. A friend recommended you and I was just wondering if you could do that and roughly how much it would cost. I’m probably still a month or 2 away from getting the knife so I wouldn’t be ordering soon just looking for info. Many thanks

  5. Can you make this for a 3.5″ xm-18?
    Glenn (again}

  6. How much for this scale

  7. Could you make me another one of these. They are so nice. I lost one of the two that you made me a couple of month, ago, and need it replaced.
    Thank You,

  8. hello. can you make one for me? xm-18, 3″

    please let me know

  9. Could you make one for me XM-18, 3″ let me know, thanks.

  10. I have bought several of these for a Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ in the past. If you can make another I would like to know how much shipped.

  11. If you look back to 2020 you did make at least 2 of these for a Hinderer xm-18 3.5″ for me. (See comments for 2020) I purchased 2 from you and lost one of them). I then asked you if you could make another. Please refer to my request from yesterday.
    Thanks, Glenn Roberts

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