Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.2.2)

by suingab posted March 13, 2019 category Backspacer, Custom scales, Micarta, Paramilitary 2, Plain, Spyderco

OD Green canvas micarta with Brown backspacer

22 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.2.2)

  1. Are these available?

  2. What is the price and availability?

  3. I want on the list for the OD green micarta scales and spacer for paramilitary 2.

  4. I’m interested! When and how can I get a pair?

  5. Would love to order these asap!

  6. Are these still available? If so, what is the price?

  7. Are these available and what is the price?

  8. What is the price on theses? Are they available?

  9. I would like a pair of the Micarta scales and a Micarta backspacer.

  10. I’m interested in purchasing

  11. I am interested in these micarta scales. How much are they?

  12. Price and availability please

  13. Beautiful! reminds me of a dinosaur. I will order a set please.

  14. Is there a left handed pair?

  15. I’m interested. Give me the info to get a hold of these

  16. I would like a pair of scales and a Backspacer in Green Canvas Micarta

  17. I’M interested in OD Green canvas micarta with Brown backspacer, can you get me one ? what is the price and when will be ready ?

  18. How much for a pair of these? and how long does it take ? cheers from Germany !

  19. Is it possible to get this in the PM2 Left Handed version?

  20. Still available?

  21. I’m looking to have something like this made. What’s the process to get this started.

  22. Hey are these still available? Would love to get a pair of these scales.

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