ZT0562 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.30.2)

by suingab posted March 5, 2019 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Hard inlays, Zero Tolerance, ZT0562

Shred Carbon Fiber with Snakewood inlays

7 Responses to ZT0562 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.30.2)

  1. Wow. Just wow. I have been looking at options to replace the standard black G10 on my 0562 and I have found several worthy of serious consideration. But, with all that said, this is BY FAR the best looking scale I have came across. I must know…are they currently available? And, if so, how much $?

  2. Price on this one?

  3. Price on this one for a ZT 0562CF?
    It would be a one piece, or a set?

    Do I have to send individual requests for each scale I like?

  4. Sir, I am interested in your ZT0562 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.30.2). How much is this scale shipped to USA? Also, how much extra to make the scale a hi-polish finish? I have bought a scale from you before and like your quality. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. These are gorgeous. Is there any chance of getting something like this for the ZT 0462?

  6. How much for these scales

  7. I’m interested in ordering this scale. I’m located in Canada.

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