ZT 0909 scale (v.4.1)

by suingab posted October 7, 2018 category Custom scales, G10, Sculpted, Zero Tolerance, ZT0909

Black G10

5 Responses to ZT 0909 scale (v.4.1)

  1. Hi there iam located in New Zealand, how much for a pair of scales,do you have different texture and colour options. And how much for shipping via USPS First Class International Shipping, thanks regards Dave.

  2. I really like this color, I live in Arizona wanted to know if this type of grip is slick or is that a little grip to it, concerned when my hands are sweaty in this heat. Are they say as grippy as Carbon fiber scales? Also did you also add a hardware kit of the same color for the pics?

    Have you ever looked at mimiking the scales of a Sig 1911 Scorpion for a knife I would really like one.

  3. How much for something like this for a Paramilitary 2 in a maroon?

  4. What is the price on these scales and how much difference in price is this in carbon fiber?

  5. Are these avaliable to buy and how much please ?

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