Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2)

by suingab posted July 26, 2018 category Custom scales, Micarta, Para 3, Plain, Spyderco

Blue denim micarta

19 Responses to Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2)

  1. How do I go about purchasing this set of scales? Thanks.

  2. Hi wanted to get a price on the Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2) please?

  3. Would love to get price on these v.2.2 scales? I would also like to get lanyard and matching backspacer if possible. A navy blue or gunmetal to offset the bluish smoke color of scales? Please let me know? Thank you very much.

  4. Would love to purchase these scales! Please let me know how.

  5. How much does it cost?

  6. How do I purchase?

  7. I’d like to know the price and availability of these scales for my Spyderco Delica 4 please?

  8. Hi I’d like some pricing info on a series of these scales. Thanks!

  9. Very interested in a set of these

  10. Hello,
    I’m interested. How much do they cost?
    Thank you

  11. Price on these?

  12. Send me a quote on the Blue denim micarta scales please.

  13. Hello, I am interested in purchasing a set of the blue denim micarta scales for the para 3. Are they available and if so what us the price and timing for a set.

  14. I’d like to order a set of these in OD green

  15. Price?

  16. What would a set of these scales for a Endura 4, with lanyard hole cost?

  17. Would like a price, payment method and shipping details for Spyderco Para 3 Blue Denim Micarta.

  18. I would like to get a price and purchase these scales.

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