ontario rat1 (KPbICA) custom micarta scales (v.15)

by suingab posted January 23, 2014 category Custom scales, Micarta, Ontario, Plain, RAT model 1

Ontario RAT Model 1 with Custom Micarta Scales (version 15) // Black Canvas








30 Responses to ontario rat1 (KPbICA) custom micarta scales (v.15)

  1. I just received a set of these scales in the mail today.
    These are premium scales of the highest quality, the fit is factory and every hole lines up exactly as it should.
    I would highly recommend getting away from the factory scales and picking up a set of these.

    Thanks again

  2. I’d like to order a pair of these scales. Email me please. Thanks.

  3. Very nice. Cost?

  4. Hello, I am very interested in scalec No. 15 and 16 for RAT1. Is it possible pay with paypal and send it to the Czech Republic? Is the possible order screws too? And price?
    Please mail me.



  5. I am very interested in these scales. Please email me about pricing. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. Very beautiful.
    I’d like to order these scales.
    Is it possible pay with paypal and send it to the Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
    Please email me about pricing on it + shipping.


  7. wanting a pair of these scales can u email price shipping to us and ways of payment

  8. Are these scales for sale? If so, can they be ordered to accept a pocket clip positioned for tip up left hand carry?

  9. looking to buy a set of micarta scales for ontario rat 2. possibly in black or od green. please email me with price. thank you!

  10. whats price for scales v 15

  11. Looking to get something exactly like this in OD green for a Rat 2. Can you email me the price including shipping to the US? Thank you.

  12. Hi I would like some scales for my paramilitary 2 in micarta dark color betwen green and black something that give a bit of age to the knife thanks I’ll wait for your reply

  13. Price plz

  14. I like very much the green micarta scales for the Rat 1. Can you email me the price including, if possible, shipping to Portugal? Thank you.

  15. How much would green micarta scales be for a rat 1?

  16. How much for these scales to the USA

  17. i would very much like to aquire a set of the light brown Micarta scales for the Rat 1. How would i go about doing so and what would it cost me? please E-Mail. thank you.

  18. How much are these scales?

  19. I am very interested in purchasing these handle scales . I am in the U.S and can pay to whatever is most convenient (paypal, card, or other). Please email me, thank you!

  20. Curious about the cost and shipping times for this set of scales. Any info would be great!

  21. How do I get a set of v 15 scales for my ontario rat1

    • Hey so did anyone answer you back on this post?… I’m looking to get some scales too but I don’t see any replies

  22. Can you give prices for rat version 15 please

  23. I’d like to order these scales. Please Email me. Thanks

  24. Interested in purchasing these.

  25. I’d like to purchase these.

  26. I would like to buy these.

  27. I was wondering if you still made scales for the Ontario Rat 1 and 2. If so, what would be the price for :

    1 set of scales for the Ontario Rat 1 V16 Micarta Camo canvas


    1 set of scales for the Ontario RAT 2 v15 Micarta Black canvas

    and could you calculate the shipping cost to ship to Canada?

    Thank you

  28. Hey mate, interested in the v. 15 scales for the RAT Model 1, can you let me know coast and shipping to australia

  29. Are rat 1 natural micrta scales still available, if so price and shipping to US

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