Spyderco Shaman custom micarta scales v.2

by suingab posted June 8, 2018 category Contoured, Custom scales, Micarta, Shaman, Spyderco

OD Green canvas micarta

52 Responses to Spyderco Shaman custom micarta scales v.2

  1. Would love to get a set of these! Look forward to hearing from you. – Landon

  2. Very interested in a set!

  3. How much for these?

  4. Can I purchase a set of these spyderco shaman scales , or place an order ?

  5. Would love this if you’re still making them

  6. Greetings, I am interested in this od green micarta scale for the Spyderco Shaman. If available, please email me with pricing information.

  7. How much, and what is the lead time?

  8. How much, and how long to build?

  9. Could you provide pricing and postage for the of Micaela scales for the spyderco shaman please.

  10. Hi Dear!How much is micharta scale shaman?Can you shipping Európa Hungária?How shipping cost ?Thanks
    Regards Richard

  11. Yes please. How much for a set?

  12. Hi what is the price for micarta shaman scales? Od green as pictured above.

  13. These are really nice. The red ones as well. Can I get a quote for both? Thank you.

  14. How much for a set of these?

  15. Hi, Can I purchase a set of these Shaman custom micarta scales v.2 OD green ? How much ? Price and postage to France? Or place an order?
    Email me please for informations.

  16. How much and do you still have these available?

  17. I’d be very interested in a set of these in green, are there any available? And cost?

  18. Ok, yes you do have OD green. How much? How long a wait time? How do I place order?

  19. Would love a set of these. Just a couple questions before hand, what is the cost and how would we complete the transaction? Also what is the wait time?

  20. Id love to get a set of these. How do I purchase and what is the cost.

  21. Are these still available? Interested. Thanks!

  22. I would be interested in getting a set of these scales. How do I place an order?

  23. Love the look of these, any info on price or availability?

  24. I would also love to place an order for these! take my money

  25. Interested in a set of the micarta scales please

  26. Price ? One set for shaman-macarta

  27. What is the price and lead time on these please?

  28. How would I go about getting a pair of your V.2 OD green canvas micarta scales for the Spyderco Shaman?

  29. I would like to purchase a pair of these scales for my shaman. What is the procedure for ordering and making payment for them.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank You

  30. How much for a set of these?
    Shipped to West Virginia 25403?

  31. What is the price to the US for this set?

  32. I would like to order a set of these

  33. I’d like a set. How much are you asking and what’s the production time?

  34. OD green canvas micarta scales for shaman.How much ,shipped to WV in US.
    25403 zip?

    • Od green micarta scales for spyderco Shaman: What’s the cost for a set and how long will they take?

  35. What is the cost of a set of OD green canvas micarta scales for the Shaman? are their other colors available?

  36. Would like to purchase a set of these

  37. Would like these please get back to me ! Thank you

  38. How does one go about placing an order? What is your lead time?

  39. Interested in more details on these. Thanks!

  40. How much for these scales? Availability?

    • Are these still not available? I’d still love to buy a set of these. Let me know. Thanks!

  41. How much?

  42. Hello, would like a quote on these scales. Have purchased a few from you guys before. Looking for the right hand carry tip up standard. Thanks very much

  43. I would like a quote on these Shaman scales in black micarta or grey linen micarta right hand tip up.

    Thank you for your time.

  44. Looking for a cost for these! Thank you!

  45. Looking for a quote on a set of these!

  46. Stumbled upon this webpage, do you still make custom scales. I am looking for a set of micarta (same color as shown in the pic) scales for my spyderco shaman. Thanks for ur time.

  47. Hi. Would like to order two sets of these scales (green micarta) for Spyderco Shaman and for Syderco Native 5.

  48. Please quote

  49. I would like to order some green micarta for my shaman.

  50. Very interested in ordering these scales.

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