Spyderco Native 5 custom scales (v.2.1)

by suingab posted May 15, 2018 category Custom scales, Micarta, Native 5, Plain, Spyderco

Black canvas micarta

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  1. Am interested in micarta scales for my Native 5. Are they available in any other colors? I’m in Portland, OR, U.S.A.

  2. what is the price on the micarta scales for the native 5?

  3. These look awesome. How much do they cost?

    Ship to Austin, TX USA

  4. Shipping cost to claymont, de 19703?

  5. These look awesome. How much do they cost?

    Ship to Chula Vista CA 91915

  6. Could you please give me a price? Also the cost of shipping to Australia ACT 2612?

  7. Can these be made for the native 5 lightweight, liner less?
    If so whould you charge?

  8. how much are your scales?

  9. Hello,

    I interested in custom scales for my native 5 (C41PBK5), can you do brown wooden handle? And how much do you charge?

  10. Do you make micarta scales for the native 5 lightweight? Would that be strong enough? I love the ones you did for my gb2.

  11. Are these Spyderco Native 5 black canvas micarta scales still available for sale? If so, I’m interested and would like information on how to purchase please.


  12. Hi, I love the micarta! How much for the scales shipped to Oakland, Ca.

    I’m a wood turner with literally more than a ton of figured wood. Urban trees come in a lot more variety than what you can get at a lumber yard. I’m open to cash or trade with you for scales.

  13. Hi there, I would like one set of Native 5 – version 2 or 2.1 and one set of shaman v 2, 5, or 6… and if you can, a set of canvas micarta scales for the Spyderco Resilisence. Can you let me know lead time, cost per set, and shipping to Eugene, Oregon, 97401 (USA)

    As far as the multiple versions for the native/shaman go, whichever is cheapest and fastest is probably the ones I’m most interested in.

    Thank You very much! (you make amazing scales BTW)

  14. Hi,
    Is it possible to have this particular scale with US flag graphics and red G10 back stopper for Spyderco Native 5? Also, how much and lead time to shipped in US?

  15. Would these scales work on an original Spyderco Native?

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