Spyderco Endura 4 custom CF scales (v.17)

by suingab posted February 14, 2018 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Endura 4, Spyderco

Shred carbon fiber

12 Responses to Spyderco Endura 4 custom CF scales (v.17)

  1. How much are the cf scales for delica 4 please

  2. What would be the cost of these for a delica 4?

  3. Are these still available? If so, how much and do you ship to Hawaii?

  4. Hello,could you use this material to make scales for the Delica 4 please? I also would like to have the backspacer and need a clip. Lmk if you could help me out thank you!

  5. This scales to an Endura 4.

  6. How much for scales and shipping?

  7. Interested in buying a set, how much are they running for?

  8. Interested in buying a set of these if still available.


  9. Interested in purchasing. Please contact me.

  10. Hello! Is it possible to get this style for the Spyderco Smock?

  11. I am interested in these. Will they work for a matriarch 2? Also would like to know pricing.

  12. How much?

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