Kershaw Link CF scales (v.1)

by suingab posted January 24, 2018 category Carbon Fiber, Kershaw, Link, Plain

Shred carbon fiber

19 Responses to Kershaw Link CF scales (v.1)

  1. Interested in a set of scales for the Kershaw link. I would like to know the price and if there are different options or just the ones pictured. Thank you.

  2. Do you offer this in g10 or Micarta?

  3. I want to purchase Kershaw Link CF scales (v.1) shipped to USA with tracking.

  4. Interested. Price? And I’m with Lance, brown micarta for the M390 model would be perfect.

  5. Nice. $$ shipped to US?

  6. Interested in this set of scales

  7. cost of link scales shipped to us ??

  8. How much for a set?? I’ve been searching everywhere for some. Please let me know.

  9. Hello my name is Henry, I saw the custom shred carbon fiber scales for the Kershaw link. I would love to find a price for those. I’m interested in purchasing I set for my link. Time for a little upgrade. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays… 👍👍

  10. Are you still making the carbon fiber scales for the Kershaw link model #1776 ? How much are these scales with shipping? Thank you

  11. Hello, I am interested in a set of scales for my 1776 m390 link. Can you quote me a price for these and if you can make them the price for a set of ironwood scales.


  12. Hello I am interested in your carbon fiber scales for the Kershaw Link M390.

  13. also interested in CF scales for my S35VN Link

  14. Very interested in scales for my link.

  15. Interested I a set of CF Link scales

  16. I just purchased Kershaw Link with the M390 blade. I has black aluminum scales now. I would like to know if you still make the carbon fiber scales for it. If you do is it possible to get a price for them.

  17. I just bought an M390 Link and would like to replace the scales. I’d like to know what options you have and prices, please.

  18. I am interested in CF scales for a Kershaw Link.

  19. I own a Kershaw Speedsafe (for various reasons). Do you offer scales for this knife?

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