ZT 0620/0630 G10 scale (v.11.1 Punisher skulls)

by suingab posted September 20, 2017 category Custom scales, G10, Milled graphic, Zero Tolerance, ZT0630 ZT0620

Black G10

6 Responses to ZT 0620/0630 G10 scale (v.11.1 Punisher skulls)

  1. looks good thanks

  2. Like a price for this. G10 version 11.1 punisher ZT 0620/0630

  3. Looks great! I was wondering if you could give me a quote on that style for a Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Thanks

  4. How to order g10 zt punisher handle scale black & price

  5. Interested in the zt 620 v11.1 punisher scale black g10 can’t find price or how to order ? Thx

  6. Nice work. I’m interested in v.38, punisher skulls and Batman for 0630 st how much each and if I buy two or more can I get a deal.

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