Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2)

by suingab posted August 15, 2017 category Custom scales, Micarta, Para 3, Plain, Spyderco

OD Green Canvas Micarta / Lanyard tube replacedewith stand-off

16 Responses to Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2)

  1. Hey can I also get a price for these for a para 2 and 3 please cheers

  2. What are your prices? Micarta price, carbon v4 price and the other black ones

  3. I’d love to know where to purchase these.

  4. How much are these?

  5. I would like a quote for the Para 3

    • OK make those for me. Only the one clip location and the standoff. Just as you have shown in your example.

      • would you take the finger guard off smooth with the contour of the scales. so that my fore finger will lay flat on the scale instead of sitting on the guard. did I explain that Ok.

  6. Like to get a quote, also does it come in other colors?

  7. Interested in purchasing a set of these with the lanyard tube replacement. What do they cost?

  8. Would like to get a quote

  9. Hello,

    I’m interested in these scales. Can you please provide me the price and shipping costs?


  10. Curious about the price of these micarta scales for my para 3.

  11. Are these still available?

  12. Hi,
    Can I please get a quote for a set of these scales (inc. shipping), exactly as pictured, including the lanyard tube replacement and hardware?

  13. Can I get a quote on od green canvas micarta scales for the para 3. With the original lanyard tube hole . Thanks

  14. Hi, could I get a quote for these too please for a para 3 please. Exactly as shown in the example above. Cheers.

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