ZT 0801 custom CF scale (v.16)

by suingab posted July 5, 2017 category Carbon Fiber, Custom scales, Milled graphic, Zero Tolerance, ZT0801

Shred Carbon Fiber

4 Responses to ZT 0801 custom CF scale (v.16)

  1. Hey bud, how much for this scale?

  2. Hey, I want to order one of this specific style of scale, but I am worried about the bearing system damaging the scale through use. Did you use an insert or a washer to protect the scale?

  3. Good evening sir, please let me know how much it is to purchase this scale for the zt0801ti? Also, do you include a washer to keep the carbon fiber from the bearings? I await your reply, Steven S.

  4. Hi, I just placed an order for this scale and just now noticed the hole in the scale by the flipper tab. What is this hole for, the stop pin? On the original titanium scale this is a blind hole on the inside of the scale for the stop pin.

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