Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.6.5.1)

by suingab posted May 20, 2017 category Backspacer, Carbon Fiber, Custom scales, Paramilitary 2, Plain, Spyderco

3K Carbon Fiber scales and Ruby Red G10 backspacer
3K Carbon Fiber scales with Yellow G10 Lanyard circle and Yellow G10 backspacer

16 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.6.5.1)

  1. How much for the scales with the yellow backspacer?

  2. I am interested in a set of these for a Para 3, with maroon backspaces?

  3. Hi, how much for the scales with the Yellow lanyard circule and yellow backspacer (incl. shipping for Brazil)?

  4. Hello! I would like to place an order for a set of these scales for my PM2 as well as a yellow back spacer. Can you send me the cost and ordering details? Thank you!

  5. So I see youndo not do any Benchmade, but would you be able to fins the means to make this style scale for the Benchmade Crooked River? Email me if you can and what your asking price would be

  6. Can I order these scales for paramilitary2? How much and what is the turn around time assuming shipping to the united states?

  7. price without backspacer

  8. Can this be done also for para 3 with the yellow backspacer? If so how much? Either way how much for the yellow one and how long to make?

  9. I’m interested in getting this with the red spacer, can i get the price and shipping to Canada?

  10. Would love to purchase. Please tell how to order

  11. Interested in these. What is the cost?

  12. Interested in these v6.5.1 CF scales for the PM2 with an orange backspacer. Shipping to 70047 US. Price?

    Excellent work

  13. Interested in these scales. v6.5.1 CF scales for the PM2 with an red backspacer. shipping to 91768 US

  14. What is the cost for a red backspace for the Para 2 shipping to 85641

  15. I’m interested in this scales for my spyderco paramilitary 2.

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