Custom scales for Spyderco Delica 4 (v.17)

by suingab posted April 21, 2017 category Custom scales, Delica 4, Micarta, Sculpted, Spyderco

Double Black canvas Micarta

28 Responses to Custom scales for Spyderco Delica 4 (v.17)

  1. I would like to order a set of these Delica 4 (V.16) for a Delica Wharncliffe



  3. Hello, love your work. Can you please quote me for this version and the v16 (micarta) for the delica 4? Shipping to US 53154

  4. Good morning I would like to check the availability, and a quote of v17?

  5. I would like a set of these double black canvas micarta scales for my Spyderco Civilian, and for my Spyderco Harpy. Is that possible? I’m located in Seattle, WA 98199.

  6. I’d like to check on availability and get a quote on the v17 Delica Micarta scales to US 95120

  7. What’s the availability and price of delicate 4 micarta scales to US 12603

  8. How much for a set of these

  9. How much for this style but to fit the Endura?

  10. Please quote price and availability for a set of custom scales for the Delica/Matriarch

  11. Hello. I’d like to purchase a set of these particular scales for my delica 4 and also if able, a set for my endura wave 4. Could you give me a price please? Thank you

  12. Are these available in Black for the Spyderco Endura?

  13. Would like to check price and availability.

  14. Are these Available? May I please request a quote?

  15. Will these work on Matriarch?
    What is the price.
    Thank you

  16. Hello. I would like to check price and availability.
    Is it possible to choose another color ?

  17. Hello. Curious if this style is still available for Delica 4 and an estimate of cost and turnaround time. Wonderful work. Thanks!

  18. Still making these? How much with shipping to 84102

  19. Hello
    Do you still make these?

  20. Any chance on getting these scales made for a Shaman and a Manix 2?

  21. I would like to order this v17 for the spyderco delica in a forest green color, thanks

  22. would like to know if these scales are available to order and price to usa ? thank you

  23. I was looking to check the availability of either these scales or the marbled carbon fiber with the red g10 spacer. Thanks!

  24. can you do the same texture with od green?

  25. Hi,
    What would be the price and lead time to Australia?


  26. Hi,

    Would would the cost be and lead time for Frisco, TX?

  27. Hi, Interested in cost and shipping times to San Jose, CA.

  28. Hi. Would like to order all black g10 scales for delica 4. What’s the price including shipping to Germany?
    Delivery time?

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