ZT 0550 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.8)

by suingab posted December 27, 2013 category Carbon Fiber, Custom scales, Sculpted, Zero Tolerance, ZT0550

ZT 0550 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.8)









8 Responses to ZT 0550 custom Carbon Fiber scale (v.8)

  1. ccel by so si od vas obiednat tuto strenku na zt 550 DAKUJEM

  2. English pls 🙂

  3. Request for invoice sent via Email.

  4. Very nice scale. Can you make this style for the RAT 1? And how much if you can?

  5. I am interested in purchasing one of these scales for my zt0550. Please email me the appropriate info.

  6. I’m not seeing anything like this for a ZT 0200. I just bought one and am really wanting to get some scales like these for it. Same story as before. I don’t even have it in my hand yet and I want to change the scales. If you have something like you did for my 0562 (cf w/ trit) but with this pattern, that would be insanely cool. 🙂

  7. how much this CF scale for the ZT550 posted to Russia

  8. What is the cost of this scale for 0550

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