Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.4)

by suingab posted March 19, 2017 category Custom scales, Micarta, Paramilitary 2, Plain, Spyderco

Brown Canvas Micarta

26 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.4)

  1. How much for a set of these? Super interested

  2. Love the look of this. Can you give me a price + shipping to Norway? Thanks in advance

  3. how much for a set of these

  4. Interested In a micarta set like this. Can I get pricing info please?

  5. Can I buy these brown canvas micarta scales still? If so how much do they cost? Also do these come in any other colors?

  6. How much for these shipped to US?

  7. Can I still get these vintage/distresed brown micarta scales? If so how much and how soon will they be available? Thanks.

  8. Can I get a set of these for my Paramilitary 2? If so how much and when. I am ready to buy a set asap. Thank you.

  9. Its Scott Orange. Never got an invoice today. Didnt want you to think I changed my mind. Thanks.

  10. Hey its Scott Orange. Can you make right hand tip up carry spyderco wire clip slots on my scales instead of the standard three hole pattern? Didn’t know how far along the scales your making for me are. If not its fine just thought I would ask. Thank again.

  11. Hi there,

    I’d like to purchase a set of these scales. I’m based in the UK. What’s the total cost including shipping?



  12. Greetings.
    Are these scales still available? I’m interested in a set drilled for right hand tip up only if possible. What kind of price and timeframe if so. Thanks in advance.

  13. Hope it’s not a stupid question but I don’t see pricing anywhere on this page. How much for the brown canvas micarta scales for a paramilitary 2 or 3?


  14. I’d like to purchase a set of these scales, assuming you ship to the US.

  15. Hi , the brown worn look on the micarta scales lookes great ! Would love to order a pair

  16. can i get a price estimate please for the micarta scales

  17. Hi,
    Could you please quote me for a set of these scales for my Para 2. I would like to include a graphic in GITD of 2 crossed geology picks (I can send you a copy). Thanks!

  18. Would love to purchase. Just send me a price and eta

  19. Hello, I’m definitely intrested in these PM2 micarta scales. Please email me availability info & price. Thank you so much

  20. Interested in these scales. Will purchase.

  21. Please send a quote for a set of these scales: right hand carry/tip down clip placement


  22. Hi very interested. Is it possible to do right hand tip up carry? Please send an invoice

  23. Super interested, gotta have em. Please give me a reply with how to order details.

  24. Looking for a set of micarta scales, that are for left hand carry and will work with a lynch nw clip.

    Please let me know if you can do this and my color choices.

  25. What is the price on this? Are you just selling the whole knife or just the scales? Is it around the same price for a different color micarta I’m assuming? Also, how long could I expect to wait for this to show up in RochesterNY? Thanks!

  26. Hello,
    How much for this in brown or grey color? And shopping to Paris?

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