ZT0566 (v.16.1) and ZT0560 (v.46) custom Ironwood scales

by suingab posted February 22, 2017 category Contoured, Custom scales, Wood, Zero Tolerance, ZT0560, ZT0566

Desert Ironwood

9 Responses to ZT0566 (v.16.1) and ZT0560 (v.46) custom Ironwood scales

  1. Is it possible to make one for ZT 0630?

  2. Hi, is this scale available for the 0562?

  3. I don’t see prices anywhere. Not a good sign⚠ I have 2 ZT’s needing scales.

  4. How much is the 566 model?

  5. How much for a v. 46 in desert iron wood for a Hinderer xm 18 3.5?

  6. How much for the 566?

  7. I have the zt 0566 and was looking at the 16.1 ironwood scales, just wondering how much it costs.

  8. I’m interested in the Ironwood 16.1 for the zt0566. What would the price be? Thx.

  9. Interested in ironwood scales for ZT 0566

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