ZT0562 custom Micarta scale (v.36)

by suingab posted December 11, 2016 category Custom scales, Micarta, Plain, Uncategorized, Zero Tolerance, ZT0562

Brown Canvas micarta

12 Responses to ZT0562 custom Micarta scale (v.36)

  1. Could you make me these micarta scales for a delica 4

  2. Hi, how much is this scale and how long to get?..Thanks-Mike

  3. Hi, how much for the scale and shipping to USA?

  4. Do you do vintage/distressed micarta scales for the zt0562cf or zr0450 knives? If so how much are they?

  5. Hey, thanks for the response back so quickly. I would like a distressed/antique black scale for my ZT 0450. Can you tell me how much and an estimated time for delivery. Also how to pay. My shipping address is listed below. I need a price total if you can and how to pay info. Thank you, you guys are the shit. Great scales!

    2254 Brownsville road
    Pittsburg Pa, 15210

  6. Hey, what’s the price on this scale?

  7. I just purchased a 0562. I like looks of this micarta scale. Could you please tell me how much it costs and how long it would take to make? Thanks!

  8. Interested in a price quote for this scale.

  9. What’s the grand total for this scale?

  10. Interested in a price for this scale

  11. Hi buddy. How much for this scale? I have received the other two that I ordered and they are fantastic!

  12. I’m interested in this scale for my zt 562. What is cost ? DO yo accept Pay Pal?


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