ESEE Zancudo (v.4) and Avispa (v.5) custom scales

by suingab posted November 11, 2016 category Avispa, Custom scales, ESEE, Micarta, Plain, Zancudo

OD Green Canvas Micarta scales





13 Responses to ESEE Zancudo (v.4) and Avispa (v.5) custom scales

  1. How can I purchase these handles for my avispa. I love these handles.

  2. I’m interested in the od green zancudo scale. How much and what is the wait time? Thanks

  3. Definitely interested in some for the avispa. How much, and how long?

  4. I would like to purchase these, please.

  5. Would love to have these on my Avispa

  6. Interested. How do I order and what is the cost?

    How grippy is the g10?

  7. hi
    im interested in buyung the OD Green micarta
    scale for my Avispa

    the picture you show it looks brown/tan

    how much is the green ship to usa
    and how long to order ? and your paypal info
    thanks Doug

  8. I’d be interested in a set of scaled like this for an Ontario Rat 1. Wondering what pricing would be and if you ship to Canada. Thanks!

  9. hello. what color is this? could you quote me a price for a zancudo scale exactly like the one pictured?

    thank you

  10. I would like to purchase these, please.

  11. How does one go a out purchasing a set for the Avispa? Have you done any for the CRKT Pilar? Thanks.

  12. Are these g10 or micarta? Whats the cost? Are they even available?

  13. I love these and am looking for something to match my tan esee izula ii micarta scales! I’m very interested to bring my avispa up to my izula standard thanks!!!

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