Spyderco Endura 4 custom Micarta scales (v.3.1)

by suingab posted August 5, 2016 category Custom scales, Endura 4, Micarta, Plain, Spyderco

Natural Brown Canvas Micarta






43 Responses to Spyderco Endura 4 custom Micarta scales (v.3.1)

  1. Could you send me pricing on these.
    Are you recessing the skeleton liners in these?

    • Hello ,
      Would like price on brown micarta natural brown canvas scales for Endura 4 and international shipping cost for France.
      Thanks, Daniel

  2. How much are these scales?

  3. Kindly send me the price for this micarta scales but for Spyderco Tenacious

  4. Please send me pricing on these.

  5. I have an Endura 4 waved and wanted to know how much it would be for black micarta scales, also ETA?

  6. Hi, I would like to know the price and the shipping to Canada. And what it would cost to make them 4 way. Thanks

  7. Hi again. How much would these scales cost for a Delica 4? Also is the backspacer included in the price? Thank you.

  8. Would like the price, and if the scales accept the skeletonized liners.

  9. can you make this one in od green? I can order this today.

  10. Hello,
    Just wondering how much these handles would be for a spyederco delica?

  11. Hello,
    Just wondering how much these handles would be for a spyderco delica?

  12. Have endura 4. Would like price on brown micarta natural brown canvas scales. Thanks, John

  13. please send price of micarta brown canvas scales for Ontario rat 2.

  14. What is your price for these wonderful scales?

  15. I’m interested in a set of micarta scales for my waved Endura4.

  16. I’d like to know a price for these please.

  17. Hello, I have an Endura 4, could you give me a price point on Micarta scales like these?

    Thank you.

  18. Hallo,
    I would like to know the price of these scales with shipping to Czech rep.
    Thank you very much !

  19. Hi there, would love a set of these scales. How much to Western Australia. Thanks

  20. I need a set of these ! Price and eta?

  21. Hi, how much for those vintage looking, sandblasted micarta sclaes for a Para 2 ?

  22. How much for these?

  23. How much are these scales?

  24. Would like these scales. Please email me.

  25. I’m looking for some micarda scales for my endura. Please send some info to help me.

  26. How can I order this scales?

  27. How much is it? Shipping to Europe.

  28. How can I purchase these?

  29. How much for these scales? Thanks.

  30. What is the price for these Endura Natural Brown Canvas Micarta Scales

  31. How much for a set of Natural Brown Canvas Micarta scales for a Spyderco Endura 4 ? Thanks

  32. What is the purchase info for these?

  33. Hello,
    Could you please send me the price of this beautiful scales for the same knife, included a international shipping for France?

  34. Could you send price of these scales (natural micarta) + shipping for the Endura. Thanks

  35. How much for spiderco Endura 4 natural brown canvas micarta scales? How do I purchase?

  36. I was suppose to be on your list for some micarta canvas scales for a spiderco endura 4. You said they would be ready November. I was checking to see if I was still in line to get some.

  37. Hi. Any chance you have any delica 4 micarta backspacers for sale? Thanks

  38. Hello,
    I loved the custom wood scales you made for my Stretch and would like these scales for my Endura 4 in brown canvas micarta. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

  39. Do you have these scales for sale?

  40. I would like to purchase

  41. I would like a quote on these for the endura 4 they look awesome

  42. WHY is there no price listed? Jumping through hoops just to find a price is annoying. I need to know immediately how much something costs to know whether it’s too much or not. There is no good reason not to list it. List the price!

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