Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom Carbon Fiber scales (v.12)

by suingab posted February 1, 2016 category Carbon Fiber, Custom scales, Hard inlays, Paramilitary 2, Sculpted, Spyderco

3k CF sculpted scales with Ironwood inlay and Ironwood backspacer






21 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom Carbon Fiber scales (v.12)

  1. I would love to have these scales how much would they cost ? And if you could change the letter how much as well ?

  2. I’m interested please email me the price they look really nice

  3. Wow, I am interested, please email me.

  4. Reall cool product. Would like to know the price.

  5. Very interested, whats the price?

  6. Intrested how much$ please LMK thx

  7. What’s the price for these? I want to buy them.

  8. Email me asap please.

  9. I would really love these scales! What’s the price and the wait time? Also does it have to have a letter on it? Thanks!

  10. How much for a set with backspacer? And can I Get them without the inlaid letter? If not can it be changed to a D? Thanks a lot.

  11. How much would be to buy them? And is it possible to change the letter? Thanks.

  12. Would love to know the price for these bad boys

  13. Hello, I’m interested in buying, what’s the value? Do you ship to Brazil? What is the value and method of payment?

  14. Hi! How much is this scale with a different initial? Thanks.

  15. How much are these scales with a different initial

  16. very interested please email me with price with no letter

  17. How much without inlay or spacer.

  18. Hey, I’m interested on the price and would the inlay be limited to just a letter or are other options available?

  19. Hello. I would like a quote for these scales and backspacer please. Also, can you take the letter out and instead do the burnt red color around the lanyard hole? Like the circle that you have on a few of your other scales. Thanks.

  20. Could you put screw holes on the right side instead of left for left hand carry. Also can the letter be taken out or replaced with something else? Does the back spacer come with it? Price?

  21. Can I get a quote. Letter M

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