Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom CF scale (v.6.1)

by suingab posted December 10, 2015 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Paramilitary 2, Spyderco

Custom 3K CF scales for Spyderco PM2






25 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom CF scale (v.6.1)

  1. Hello again,

    Was wondering what this set would run for a repeat customer 🙂 I am hoping this comment tags to the spyderco paramilitary 2 carbon fiber v6.1 scales.

    Thank you!

  2. These are the “Bee’s Knees”.
    If William Shakespeare had a PM2 this is what he’d want.
    So, pray tell what be the loss in coin to possess such beauty?

  3. hi how much to order these scales?

  4. I would like to buy those amazing scale for a pm2. If you could tell me how much(not an issue) and how to buy then i would be happy. thx.

  5. How much for some Custom 3K CF scales for Spyderco PM2

  6. I am very interested in these scales. Please let me know all pertinent info so I can purchase a set.

  7. v.6.1 interested in same 3k but for a spyderco stretch, slight crown to avoid flat spots,no lanyard hole,right hand clip 2 holes deep carry,possibly a stainless backspacer with gearing?

  8. How much would a set of these beauties cost?

  9. I’m interested in a carbon or g10 greenish, but I’m a lefty, paramilitary 2 , tip down

  10. Intrseted as well howmuch snd how to ordr thx

  11. I was wondering how much these would cost. Thanks

  12. How much would the carbon fiber for my PM2 would cost

  13. How much for these scales?

  14. I would like a price on these scales pm2 v6.1

  15. Could you please provide quote for
    Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom CF scale (v.6.1)?

  16. Hi, are you still making these scales my man. If so do you ship them to the uk. They would make the perfect Xmas present for myself to dress up my grubby grey g10 20cp para 2. The blade is good but it looks like poo with the dirty scales that are currently on it 😊 . Thank you.

  17. Are these scales still available? I’m interested in getting a pair of v6.1 carbon fiber scales. Thanks!

  18. I’d like a price and would very much like to order these scales if there is any available please

  19. These scales look amazing. I was wondering if it is too late to order a set, if not, how much.

  20. Hello again, I would like to order these also for a Spyderco Para 3 with holes only for tip up right hand carry also and a back spacer.

  21. Love the carbon for the PM2 in blue or black. What do they cost (currency please) and do you fit or just supply? Do you use the original standoffs or supply your own. Can you make just for one carry position without the extra drilled holes (tip up, RH carry?)


  22. Hey are these still up for sale? and how long would it take. thanks

  23. I like these and every carbon fiber scale on here. Please lmk what’s available or faster to make.

  24. Interested in these scales and would like a quote.

  25. Interested in these carbon fiber scales for a PM2. Could I get a price quote?

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