Spyderco Stretch custom scales (v.5)

by suingab posted December 8, 2015 category Contoured, Custom scales, GITD graphic, Micarta, Spyderco, Stretch

Double Black Micarta scales for Spyderco Stretch with GITD dots






6 Responses to Spyderco Stretch custom scales (v.5)

  1. What material is the backspacer for these scales made of?
    The big down side of the FGR original scales/backspacer is the little nibs molded into the backspacer that engage the liner positioning holes are just too weak to stand up to heavy use over time due to the fact that the backspacer which anchors the lock back spring can’t handle the stress.
    If what you have crafted defeats this problem I’d be very interested in purchasing the Micarta Stretch Scales.
    Please let me know on this question along with the cost involved.

  2. love this handle, do you ship to canada?
    what is cost? thank you in advance.

  3. the stretch custom scales V5 what’s the price?and do you have also for PM2 a black backspacer?if so,price?thanks buddy.hope to hear from you soon!

  4. I have the same exact questions as William Barnett in the above comment. Thanks for your time.

  5. I want something like that for my stretch, does anybody know how much this cost in g10 or cf? Tnx love costum work on this page. Also i live in Europe and whats with shipping. Regards Stipe.

  6. Can you make these scales in gray? If so, what would be the price?

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