Spyderco Military custom G10 scales

by suingab posted October 25, 2015 category Custom scales, G10, Military, Sculpted, Spyderco

Black G10 scales for Spyderco Military C36G





11 Responses to Spyderco Military custom G10 scales

  1. Can you make me a set of these for my Spyderco Resilience and what will be the cost shipped to the US? Thanks, Dan

  2. What is your price for these scales.G10 for military? Once i order how long will it take to rec. in calif.?

  3. Can you produce this design for a Spydie Endura 4?! What would it cost and what colors are available?

  4. Great! I would be interested in such a design for an Endura 4 (black).

    Please get in contact with me. Thanks!

  5. I’m interested in this type of scale for a Military spyderco .

  6. Can you (and if so what would be the price) for a ser of scales made like this for a Medford AIO?

  7. Can you make a set of these but in brown? And if so what would the cost be?

  8. Hello,

    My name is Rick and I have a Spyderco Military Knife 4″ CPM S110V Stainless Steel Blade Dark Blue (“Blurple”) G10 Handle. I would like the option to switch to a subdued color. Is it possible to get a set of these made in FDE/Brown or Kryptek Highland Camo pattern? What would the cost be with shipping to Dixon, Missouri? Do I need to send the knife to you for fitting or do I change-out the scales? Thanks for what you do. – Rick Wood, 1SG, USA (Ret.)

  9. he,I’m interested in this type of scale for a Military spyderco.
    it is posible in blue?

  10. Have you ever made a set of scales for a Syderco Tatanka? I’d love to see this sculpted design on mine.

  11. Hello,
    I have a Spyderco Military C36GPCMOBK the digital came G10 scales. What is your price for the black G10 scales?
    What is the price for the CF scales v.4.2.1?
    Thank you,

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