Spyderco Stretch custom scales (v.3)

by suingab posted September 29, 2015 category Custom scales, Sculpted, Spyderco, Stretch, Wood

Cocobolo scales for Spyderco Stretch





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  1. Hello. I have a spyderco stretch amd love it but dont like the scales. The blade and steel are great but the handle makes it look and feel cheap. Your work above with the wood scales is beautiful, Well done. How much do you charge for a pair of wood scales? Do you have a scale of simple to complex designs or is everything custom? Beautiful work and hope to hear back from you.

    On a side note, I contacted Spyderco to ask about a replacement handle and they recommended you and said they heard you did good work. Always nice to hear a manufacturer recommend someone, congrats.

    Thank you

  2. How much would contoured Ironwood scales run for a Spyderco Delica 4? It would be a gift for my dad.

  3. Liking this Ironwood and texture. How much is a pair of scales for a Spyderco Persistence and a Resilience?

  4. Hello, how much is a pair of scales for Spyderco Stretch? I like this Cocobolo scales and Ironwood.


  5. If you can make these for the Para 3 I would like to order a pair. My PayPal account is the same as my email.

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