Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.2)

by suingab posted September 18, 2015 category Custom scales, Micarta, Paramilitary 2, Plain, Spyderco

OD Green micarta scales for Spyderco Paramilitary 2 C81






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  1. How much does a set of these normally go for?

    • I would like to order these scales from your.what is the price and how do I order? Thank you-Mike

  2. I am interested in purchasing a set of there asap, please email me with info, I have money in PayPal ready to go. Thanks!

  3. Looking for a price. Very interested.

  4. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.2) what do theses cost (us) and how long will it take to get them?

  5. Fantastic craftsmanship! Could you please quote me for a set of these scales for a Spyderco UK PK leaf blade?

  6. How much for these scales and shipping to WA state, USA?

  7. I’d like a quote on these too please.

  8. Hi 🙂
    How much for these? With shippment to Poland. how long will it take to get them?

  9. Hi! Those are beautiful scales. How much is a set (in US dollars), and would you be able to ship them to Canada? Thanks.

  10. Can a set just lie these be made for a Spyderco tenacious? If so, how much including shipping to US zip code 28435?

  11. What is the price of these scales? Thanks!

  12. What is the price?

  13. Do you have a price quote for these? I’d love to order a set.

  14. Can I buy a set of these for a Spyderco Military model? If so how much, with shipment to Cincinnati OH?

  15. Hello can you please provide pricing for the v4.2 paramilitary2 scales?
    Thank you

  16. How much for the OD Green Micarta scales for a Paramilitary 2? Thanks!

  17. Price?

  18. I’ll take a set of these..

  19. I’d like a set of these as well. Para 2 od g10.

    Appropriate info please?

  20. I would like info on these

  21. Definitely interested. Can you do a lighter and distressed with this scale? And price?

  22. Can I get a price on these scales?

  23. I am interested in these scales. Can they be drilled for left hand tip up carry? What is the price? And how do I buy?

  24. How much for these scales? How to purchase with PayPal

  25. Would love a pair of these micarta for a paramilitary 2. Please email me and let me know ow.

    Thank you

  26. I am interested in buying these scales for the paramilitary 2.

  27. Interested in these scales, Price quote?

  28. Interested in purchasing. How much and how do I go about ordering?

  29. How much cost these?

  30. Interested in buying these, price needed.

  31. Interested in ordering. I would like a price quote and ordering details, please.

  32. Very intrested how to order thx

  33. Interested in a price quote these scales shipped to Cincinnati, OH. 45231. Paramilitary 2 – OD green micarta scales. Also, interested the estimated time of arrival. Please and thank you.

  34. Interested in price on these od green micarta pm2 scales

  35. These look amazing, I’d really love to get some info and talk the shipping details over with you.

  36. Interested in a price quote and shipping to Canada

  37. Interested in price quote and shipping to Ogden UT 84405

  38. hello,

    scales v.4.2 looks nice.how much is it?
    how much is shipping to germany?
    you are from uk?
    best regards

  39. very nice. what would one cost with shipping to san diego, ca? also how long on average does it take to get it shipped? thanks!


  40. I would like to order. What is the price?

  41. hello I was just wondering how much a set of these scales would cost shipping to the lower 48

  42. Price quote please! Would like to order. Looks perfect

  43. Would like a price quote please, would like to order.

  44. Hi, I would like to know the price + shipping to France for this set of scales. Thank you

  45. I would love to have a pair of these scales for my paramilitary 2. How much for a pair like these and a matching backspacer with shipping to North Carolina?

  46. Hello

    Can you make me a set of these for the new Left Handed version of the PM2 that Spyderco is releasing this year? If so how much?

  47. interested in purchasing scales

  48. very interested. price and shipping timeframe?

  49. Hi, I would like to know the price + shipping to Taiwan for this set of scales. Thank you

  50. How much for a pair of these and how long will it take to get them?

  51. Hi i would like to know how much and how long of a wait so i can place an order, specifically the micarta ones for the pm2.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  52. Hi how much for these scales posted to the UK…msny thanks

  53. Would like to purchase a pair of the green mikarta scales. How much do they cost. Thanks.

  54. Hi, could you please provide a quote? I’m in British Columbia, CANADA. Postal code is V0E 2A0.


  55. Hi,

    Could you give me a price for a set of these to the UK please?


  56. Hi, can you give me an estimate for a similar set of grips , OD green micarta for a spyderco paramilitary 2 including postage to either France or the UK ?

  57. Hi. I’m interested in purchasing a set of these for my PM2. Thanks

  58. How much are these scales, and it’s kind of hard to see in the pic but are they rounded off on the edges or are they similar to the stock scales?

  59. Hi,

    What would be the cost and shipping for these scales; OD Green micarta, right handed, tip up, no backspacer (as in the photos above)?


  60. I’d love a pair of these right hand tip up only with a a stainless steel backspacer with the same finish as the pocket clip. How much for this with postage to Australia?

  61. Hi, price please with shipping to Australia 4115.
    Many thanks.

  62. I would like to order some scales for paramilitary 2 V.4.2 odd green and V.27

  63. Interested in a set of these!

  64. I’m interested do you have a website?

  65. How long is the waiting list to get these scales?

  66. Is this the same OD green from the V.4.3 version?

  67. Can you make me a set of these V.4.2? If you can, send me bill. Thanks. Your work is top notch.

  68. Hi, how much for scales with shipping
    to UK( Scotland)

  69. Whats the price ?

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