Spyderco Delica 4 custom scales (v.7)

by suingab posted August 8, 2015 category Custom scales, Delica 4, Micarta, Sculpted, Spyderco

Brownish Black Micarta sculpted scales for Spyderco Delica4






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  1. I am interested in buying the delica 4 scales v7. How much are they?

  2. Hello,
    Very interested in micarta scales for Delica4.

    Sculpted or something rough.

    Where are you located?

    Much thanks,

  3. These scales look great! What’s the price, color options, estimated time of production and delivery for the scales pictured above?

  4. These look great, how much would they cost? Shipping to Canada?

  5. Awesome work! Interested in something like this for my delica 4 as well! Please send more info! Thanks!

  6. Please send me information and pricing for these scales. Thanks.

  7. I’m very interested in these scales could you please message me price of you can

  8. What is the price of these scales for the Delica 4?

  9. Scales look great!!! What do you charge for a set of these? Also, do you make them for the Native5?

  10. Great work on these scale!! Please send info on how to purchase these. I’m very interested in purchasing a pair. Thank you, Leonard

  11. Great work on these scale!! Please send info on how to purchase these and price. I’m very interested in purchasing a pair. Thank you,

  12. I love these scales! How much are they to purchase?

  13. Great looking scales!!!
    Can you give me a price, please?
    Do you install?
    Does the backspacer come with the scales?

    Do you have polished plain micarta for delica 4?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  14. Can you please inform me of the price for these scales (Delica) shipped to Springfield, MO USA?

  15. How much would these Spyderco Delica sculpted Micarta scales cost? The ones showing in the photos above? v.7

  16. Price?

  17. Would love info on these scales for my delica. And possibly for the rat model 1. Price, wait time, etc.

  18. How much do these scales cost shipped by mail to Canada ? My postal code is G8T 9W5

    How long would it take to make them ?

  19. How much for these scale? Im in California how much for shipping?

  20. Great looking scales! I’m looking for a set of scales to change up my Delica and these are just what I was wanting. Please let me know the cost. Thanks!

  21. How much? How long is the wait?

  22. Very nice! How can I go about ordering/paying for a set of these?

  23. Love it! Price and cost of shipping to Taiwan?

  24. How much would these scales be?

  25. These scales look great! Would you be able to provide the pricing for these exact scales for the Delica 4 ?

  26. How much are these scales with shipping to Orlando, FL?

  27. Hello, these look great!
    How much would it be altogether to be shipped to the UK?

  28. I’m interested in the V7. do they come with a backspaced, how much are they and do you ship to the USA.

  29. Hallo. Ich möchte gerne dieses Produkt kaufen…was würde es mit Versand nach Deutschland kosten?

  30. Great looking scales, send me the price & availability please

  31. I would buy a set of these right now for the Delica 4 (and maybe two sets)…if you let me know price and shipping to Washington State

  32. Hi.
    I’d like to order these scales for my delica, exactly as shown
    Thank you.

  33. Please contact me, I’d like to purchase. Thanks.

  34. I am interested in the Micarta scales for the delica 4 knife. How much are they? Do you offer installation of the scales on the knife?

  35. Whats the price for these? Also, how long to ship to Sweden during these days? thx 🙂

  36. Love to order a pair, how much would that be

  37. How much for this

  38. I’m interested in these scales for my Delica 4. Please get back to me with details for purchase.

  39. I’m interested in these for sure get back to me. Thanks

  40. Hi-USA buyer. What would you charge? Thanks.

  41. These are probably not available anymore. It’s been years guys.

  42. Request for ver 7 spyderco endura scales

  43. I am interested in buying the scales how much are they and are based in uk

  44. Wondering if I can get a set!!!

  45. Interested in a set of these! I’m in the U.S.

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