Kevin John Venom II custom Juma scale

by suingab posted June 27, 2015 category Contoured, Custom scales, Juma, Other, Venom II

Green Mamba Juma scale for Venom II






4 Responses to Kevin John Venom II custom Juma scale

  1. Is is possible to make one for a ZT 0550, and what would be the price?
    Best regards

  2. How much does a knife like this cost? How big is the blade? How much does it weigh? And it doesn’t look like it has a clip for your pocket.

  3. Hey I’m interested in these for my venom 2 a and can u quote me on shipping to Australia too please. Thanks

  4. I’m interested to purchase this item. how How much does it cost.Payment options and such.

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