ZT 0560 custom C-Tek scale (v.25)

by suingab posted May 24, 2015 category Bolstered, C-Tek, Contoured, Custom scales, Kirinite, Zero Tolerance, ZT0560

Bolstered C-Tek scale with GITD Kirinite spacer for ZT 0560






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  1. Hi Suingab

    It’s Paul W from British Blades
    Please come and join us on our new forum, where you can showcase your superb work.
    If you mention my name, it will fast track your registration!!




  2. Hi, i really would love to buy it. How much is it?

    Have a nice day, Phil

  3. Hello, I’m interested in this one. How much is it?

  4. How much for c- tack for ZT0620?

  5. Would look good on my 0566. Details and cost?

  6. How much is the Bolstered C-Tek scale with GITD Kirinite spacer for a ZT 0560?

  7. I am interested in all scales for ZT 0650 & 0562 with prices. Noticed you on eBay.

    Also, 2 custom CF with a “waving” Texas flag for the ZT 0562!

  8. How can i register on this site ?

  9. How much is the Bolstered C-Tek scale with GITD Kirinite spacer for a ZT 0560?

  10. how much would a single color ctek scale for a zt0560 cost me?

  11. Hey there! Stumbled across your website looking for some custom scales for my ZT 0566. It´s really cool, just what I´m looking for:-) Is it possible to do one for a 0566? and of course what is the price? Thanks!!

  12. Price & availability on that scale model for my 560 please! Shipping to the Sacramento, CA area…

  13. Would love one of these. Even if it was just the green and no glow. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss!

  14. Please could you tell me the price for these scales….(Bolstered C-Tek scale with GITD Kirinite spacer for ZT 0560). could you also make these for a zt0562 or a zt0566 ? Cool work you’re doing here.

  15. What are the costs for such a Scale from
    2.CF Panisher sculls
    3.CF Enzo
    for a Zero Tolerance 550?

  16. I’d like to get something like this for a ZT 300. Do you sculpt the inside as well so the assisted opening still works? Cost?? Thanks 🙂

  17. Definitely need one of these. Price please

  18. Is this possible as a Manix or Delica scale in Black and either Red or a darker Green?

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