Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom G10 scale (v.8)

by suingab posted May 8, 2015 category Custom scales, G10, Milled graphic, Paramilitary 2, Spyderco

Custom OD Green G10 scales for Spyderco PM2





14 Responses to Spyderco Paramilitary2 custom G10 scale (v.8)

  1. How much should one expect to pay four the OD green G 10 scales for the PM2

  2. Hi
    Could you tell me how much for the OD Green textured scales, and if you would deliver to thUK

    All the best Paul.

  3. Is there any way I could get a price for the OD green G10 with the abrasions and maybe a raised back spacer in the same color and abrasions to match the scales, even if they have to come up a little higher than normal I’m okay with that, I just want the scales and back spacer to match.

  4. Hi 🙂
    How much for these? With shippment to Poland. how long will it take to get them?

  5. Would it be possible to get these for an esee avispa? How much do these scales cost?

  6. Very nice scales. Could you send me a price quote for a pair of these please.

  7. Extremely intrested please tell me how to order thx

  8. Hi, any way I could get a price estimate for these scales (if you still make them) and how to order? Shipping would be to the US. Thanks

  9. Also interested in price shipped to Colorado. Thanks.

  10. Me like knife scales. How order?

  11. how much do they cost? how do I order them?

  12. Interested in set of these with clip holes on back side, at the tip end.

  13. I really like these scales, can I buy a par of scales and a back spacer in OD green. can you send me a paypal invoice. please say you will. thanks

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