ZT 0350 custom G10 scales (v.2)

by suingab posted November 5, 2014 category Custom scales, G10, Sculpted, Zero Tolerance, ZT0350

Custom Black/Tan G10 scales for ZT 0350







16 Responses to ZT 0350 custom G10 scales (v.2)

  1. I would like a set of black and white scales for my 0350. How much are they and how do i buy them?

  2. I live in the usa how do I order one of these

  3. Would love a set of these for my ZT0350, how do I get these.

  4. How much for this exact set?

  5. My name is Troy Kinser
    I am interesred in a set of od green and black grooved micarta scales with a 45acp cap in both sides of scales,what would the price be and turn around time?

  6. I am curious about getting a custom pair of scales for my 0350. I was thinking either black and red micarta or G10, possibly simple carbon fiber. Please let me know about any ideas you might have and get back to me. Thank you for your time.
    Chad Yore

  7. I would like to purchase these scales for my 0350. Van you please contact me with information on how to get them. Thanks hope to hear from y’all soon

  8. Looking for a set of scales for my ZT0350. Can I get a price list from you?

  9. Looking for a set of scales for my ZT0350. Can I get a price list from you?

  10. hi I work for a local snap-on dealer and I carry zt knives and would like to inquire about pricing on these for a customer and myself

  11. what is the price to buy one from you?

  12. Do you have the CAD file for the shape of the scales for the ZT 0350?

  13. Hi!
    I like this version of scales, how much and how to buy?
    Thanks in advance

  14. How much do these run?

  15. Hello, i’m looking to upgrade my ZT 0350. What’s the price on these? Also do you sell deep concealment replacement clips?

  16. Can a get a set of these scales? Please?

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