ZT 0550 (v.45-47) custom scales

by suingab posted November 5, 2014 category Custom scales, G10, GITD graphic, Micarta, Plain, Sculpted, Tero-tuff, Zero Tolerance, ZT0550

Black Micarta Sculpted
Black G10 with GITD skull
Green TeroTuff













9 Responses to ZT 0550 (v.45-47) custom scales

  1. That Green TeroTuff scale looks amazing… can you do this for other models too?

  2. I am interested in the black sculpted micarta

  3. Hi! Could you make these green tero tuf scales for a rat model 1? how much would they cost in USD?

  4. Welcome back from Vacation I hope you enjoyed yourself. Once you are back and ready to resume work, please provide the price in USD for the following: A set of OD Green or Desert Tan Tero-Tuff sculpted handles for an Ontario RAT Model 1 – If I send a deep pocket clip along with the knife, would there be an additional charge if the mounting holes are differently aligned that the original?

  5. I would like a set of terotuf scales for a PM2. Nonsculpted like the green ones at the top of this page but grippy. I’m not sure what colors you have available to you but I’m hoping for something in a dark brown. like a brown leather belt.

  6. Can you make a zt0630 scale with the green Terotuff?

  7. Will you do one of the black with glow cross bones for my ZT801BW? If so, how much?

  8. What green materials do you have to fashion a ZT0630 scale?

  9. I would also like to purchase this green terotuf for my zt0550 as well

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