Spyderco Endela and Stretch2 custom scales

by suingab posted January 22, 2023 category Carbon Fiber, Contoured, Custom scales, Endela, Spyderco, Stretch 2

Arctic and White storm CF

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  1. I just purchased the knifejoy exclusive endela damascus. How much would a set of your arctic whitestorm scales be, delivered? I’m not a wealthy man or anything close to it. So far it looks like you have great products. Would love to do business. I also have other knives that might be future mods.

  2. United States

  3. I am looking for a set of scales like this for a endela, maybe in purple. I wanted to see what a setnplus the back spacer would run? Awesome work btw! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Looking for Endela scales

  5. How do I go about buying a set of the blue scales for a Spyderco endela

  6. I live in louisiana, I’m looking for scales for a spyderco endela, looking for a price and availability

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