ZT 0300 “Punisher” scale

by suingab posted November 1, 2015 category Contoured, Custom scales, Hard inlays, Kirinite, Micarta, Zero Tolerance, ZT0300

Double black micarta scale with MOP Kirinite Punisher for ZT0300





13 Responses to ZT 0300 “Punisher” scale

  1. How much for a ZT 0350?

  2. I am interrested in the ” Punisher ” grip for the ZT300 , there are also green for the ZT301 ? How can I order one , and what it would cost the grip ?
    With best regards
    Andreas Kaiser

  3. Can you make me a black scale fpr ZT 300 with a spartan helmet?
    And how much does it cost?
    Thanks in advance

  4. two questions will this fit the ZT 0301 and do the custom scales still allow for side clip

  5. Hi,
    I just picked up a full black 0300.
    Please provide cost estimate for a simple contoured orange g10 scale, no frills.


  6. How much for these for a 0200?

  7. Hi, how much this scale cost in Micarta and Carbon Fiber case? For ZT 300 and 200. Thank you in advance!

  8. How much are these scales for the zt 0301?

  9. How much for the punisher scale 0300?

  10. How much with shopping to Australien?

  11. Good afternoon. How much for the Double black micarta scale with MOP Kirinite Punisher for ZT0301? Would you be able to add the Punisher in a darker, more subdued grey? Could the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem be added? What would be the cost and wait time? Thank you.

  12. Do you still make these and if so how much are they

  13. Any chance you are still making these zt scales?

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