Spyderco Endura 4 custom G10 scales (v.10 “Spider”)

by suingab posted April 27, 2016 category Custom scales, Endura 4, G10, Hard inlays, Spyderco

Blue G10 scales and orange G10 backspacer for Spyderco ENDURA 4





12 Responses to Spyderco Endura 4 custom G10 scales (v.10 “Spider”)

  1. Hi, how much to do this for my endura 4?

  2. How much are these scales?

  3. How much are these scales

  4. How much are these & what is the lead time? Thanks

  5. How much for these scales made for a Delica 4?

  6. How much for similar g10 but other colors? Just got an endura 4 and wished they had g10 plain scales let alone awesome custom ones!

  7. Are these scales available for a pm2. If so how much?

  8. Beautiful knives, Im intrested in the Super Blue with Red Backspacer. Do you sell a kit of complete knife.

  9. Hello, I’m interested in the Blue scales with red spyderco bug and related backspacer. Is this available as a full knife? Who installs this too? Thanks!

  10. How much for these scales

  11. how much?

  12. Hello. Are these scales still available? And what price are they? Thank you…

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